20/20 Hindsight


Webinar recorded on November 17, 2020

The common phrase, “If I knew then what I know now” probably received more use in 2020 than any year on record, whether in reference to an investment portfolio, navigating a pandemic or simply restocking your supply of toilet paper.

ALG will look back on 2020 with a review of how the outlook for the automotive industry has evolved since the early stages of COVID-19. We will discuss our key learnings, the decisions that improved performance or made things worse, while leaning into the data points that are leading to a more optimistic recovery and ensuring that 2021 is a rebound year for all stakeholders in the industry.


  • Sam Haws, Analyst, Industry Insights


  • Eric Lyman, Chief Industry Analyst, ALG
  • Morgan Hansen, Vice President, Data Science
  • Kristen Lanzavecchia, Senior Manager, Industry Insights
  • Nick Woolard, Director, TrueCar OEM Analytics











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