September 2022 Commercial Truck Guidelines

By Chris Visser

Auction channels sold a moderately higher volume of trucks in August 2022 as fleets continued to offload their highest-mileage units and owner-operators continued to shift back to fleets or out of the industry. Depreciation for trucks with mileage typical for their model year appears to have relaxed this month.

Looking at two- to six-year-old trucks, August’s average pricing for our benchmark truck was:

  • Model year 2021: No trucks sold

  • Model year 2020: $93,426; $23,414 (20.0%) lower than July

  • Model year 2019: $75,325; $5,112 (6.4%) lower than July

  • Model year 2018: $64,406; $3,083 (5.0%) higher than July

  • Model year 2017: $44,007; $1,229 (2.9%) higher than July

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