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Residual Forecasting, Consulting Services, and Special Projects

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Power to Predict

Get a handle on the current and future value of your fleet or inventory with J.D. Power’s Commercial Vehicle Consulting Services. We leverage our database of retail, wholesale, and auction transactions to provide: 

-    Residual value forecasting
-    Inventory analysis
-    Competitive model positioning
-    Fleet spec’ing recommendations
-    Marketplace value of specific equipment
-    Other market analysis to your specification

If you own, finance, or floorplan used trucks, you need to know what they’re worth today and in the future. J.D. Power Valuation Services combines its database of retail, wholesale, and auction data with over two decades of market experience to provide valuation intelligence you
can trust.


Consulting products are customized to each customer’s specific needs. Contact Chris Visser at to discuss J.D. Power’s capabilities.

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