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By bringing together our industry leading CONNECT and printed guidebook data in one easy-to-use application, J.D. Power MarketValues Specialty Vehicles App ensures you always have the up-to-date values you need whenever and wherever you need them.

  • Values updates 6 times per year to ensure business decisions based on the latest data
  • New models added weekly as they are released
  • The Powersports data set includes “VIN Scan” functionality
  • Scanner can pull VINs from desktop screenshots
  • Prices are affordable and comparable to guidebooks
  • Appraisal Snapshots saves every appraisal for edits or future use
  • Email Export lets you share any appraisal with a simple email

By delivering up-to-date valuations through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface featuring enhanced functionality for a similar price to our printed guidebooks, the MarketValues Specialty Vehicles App represents exceptional value for money and the future of specialty vehicle valuations.

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MarketValues App license is available to purchase online or call 800.544.6232

*Each MarketValues App license is issued per device. If you order 1 license it will only be available on the device you have logged in through the app. If you purchase 2 licenses your credentials will work on 2 different devices. Credential sharing across multiple apps is not possible as the license is assigned to your registered device post login. For current customers, to access a forgotten password or you require a password reset Click Here. For other troubleshooting issues and resolutions Click Here

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