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Used Vehicle Retail Transaction Report

Know Where to Buy and Sell Inventory for Maximum Profitability


Introducing the J.D. Power Used Vehicle Retail Transaction Report – the industry’s only source of data on used vehicle retail transactions, including what individual automobiles are actually selling for.

Getting All The Details

With datasets reaching back to the early 2000s, J.D. Power Valuation Services has assembled the broadest and deepest point-of-sale data from dealerships, describing the sale, the vehicle, and the deal. This solution leverages industry-leading sales and pricing insights, thereby providing the timeliest source of real-time used vehicle market behavior.



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  • Built on the broadest and deepest point-of-sale dataset in the industry
  • Each data point describes over 25 metrics per vehicle transaction
  • Transaction level data enables vehicle tracking from retailer acquisition to final sale
  • Brings clarity to the blurred relationship between wholesale and retail and helps users gain a total view of the used market
  • Data searchable by geography and updated weekly
  • Updated Weekly

Know Where to Buy and Sell Inventory for Maximum Profitability

With the ability to see where different types of vehicles are selling best, and the most favorable areas in which to acquire different types of automobiles, the Used Vehicle Retail Transaction Report gives you the ability to manage you inventory with maximum effectiveness.

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2022 RAM 1500

Each transaction listed in the Report consists of 30+ datapoints.

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  • MY: 2022
  • Make: RAM
  • Model: 1500
  • Trim: TRX
  • Exterior: Black
  • Interior: Black
  • Mileage: 12,425

Pricing & Finance

  • TE MSRP: $88,155
  • Vehicle Cost: $81,088
  • Transaction Price: $89,991
  • Base Price: $92,471
  • F&I Profit: $3,500

Time & Location

  • Sale Week: 2/26/2023
  • Days to Turn: 14
  • State: CA
  • DMA: San Diego
  • JDP Region: California

Additional Information

  • Transaction Type: Retail
  • Masked VIN: 1C6SRFU9_NN______
  • J.D. Power Vehicle ID: 202240765
  • Vehicle Style: Crew Cab TRX 4WD 6.2L V8 Supercharged
  • Aggregation Level: Subsegment_Division
  • Retail Source: Used Vehicle Not Same Make As Franchise
  • CPO Flag: N
  • Duplicate VIN: N
  • Trim Decode Indicator: N

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