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VIN Decode Enhancement

  • This enhancement will improve our VIN decode match rate from 70% accuracy to 95% match rate.
  • No more guess work in the office as to the trim level
  • Paste in the VIN and get right to the correct trim and specs for accurate valuations
  • Improves speed of valuation delivery
  • Saves you additional lookups with your license package

Watch this short video showing the power and efficiency of the new
VIN Decode Enhancement

Early Release Values are now available.
Check out this video demo and enjoy!

Early Release Values

  • Accelerate the valuation of vehicles that do not have any or only a few transactions as a used model.
  • Clear call out to the fact that these are early values
  • Provide a clear valuation of the new vehicle
  • Takes away the guessing game by searching data within the customer's selected region

MarketValues Specialty Vehicle App

By bringing together our industry leading CONNECT and printed guidebook data in one easy-to-use application, J.D. Power MarketValues Specialty Vehicles App ensures you always have the up-to-date values you need whenever and wherever you need them.

  • Values updates 6 times per year to ensure business decisions based on the latest data
  • New models added weekly as they are released
  • The Powersports data set includes “VIN Scan” functionality
  • Scanner can pull VINs from desktop screenshots
  • Prices are affordable and comparable to guidebooks
  • Appraisal Snapshots saves every appraisal for edits or future use
  • Email Export lets you share any appraisal with a simple email

By delivering up-to-date valuations through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface featuring enhanced functionality for a similar price to our printed guidebooks, the MarketValues Specialty Vehicles App represents exceptional value for money and the future of specialty vehicle valuations.

Enjoy this brief video demonstration on the ease of use to the MarketValues Specialty App

J.D. Power Clear View

Bringing clarity to vehicle valuations. Built on the industry-leading market intelligence, unmatched data resources and valuations expertise of J.D. Power, Clear View leverages state of the art data science, analytical methodologies, and artificial intelligence to deliver precise and accurate vehicle valuations in real-time.

From only a VIN, mileage and location, J.D. Power Clear View delivers a completely accurate vehicle valuation that factors in not only the trim and options present on the vehicle but also its location – giving you a fully contextualized valuation you can trust every single time.

ClearView Image

VIN Precision + - Now standard with all valuation license packages!

Making the blind spots associated with traditional VIN decoding a thing of the past. By combining the unbiased and accurate values from J.D. Power Valuation Services with industry-leading ChromeData as built data, VIN Precision+ decodes VINs based on actual OEM build data where available, or incorporates vehicle configuration information derived from a sophisticated algorithm developed by J.D. Power, to reveal exact vehicle specifications. The result? The most robust and precise valuations in the industry.


Products That Feature Clear View and VIN Precision +

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